JVC Screen Size/position adjustment?



Hey guys.
I have a new JVC AV28R25 (excellent sound and picture), although whilst watching footy on it the other day, only the bottom half of the timer/score bar was shown at the top of the Screen, and was exceeding the boundaries of the Screen.

I know this is normally easy to adjust for example in monitors, but i can't seem to find the menu to do this?
Any help would be much apreciated!

Btw, anyone got this tv, what do you all think?

Cheers Phil


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Press the "i" (Information) button and the Audio Mute button simultaneously to get to the Service menu. You will need option 4 (Deflection). Most of the settings are self explanatory. If you make a mistake, press the "i" button to exit without saving and try again. Make sure you don't change any of the HV settings.


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what channel were you watching the football on and was it live or recorded.


Thanks very much for your help.
I was able to change the dimentions of the screen so the picture fitted perfectly.
In answer to the type of broadcast.
I was watching a match on digital, although my tv is only connected through TV out - not SCArt (as mine isn't the lounge tv set)
One further qustion though. After changing th settings, when i played an xbox game (lord of the rings - return of the king) the picture was smaller than the whole screen. Missed off approx 5" on the top & botom and about 3" on left and right. However, other games (fifa) was perfect?
Any ideas?


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