JVC PROLEM//Who knows?Please




when my jvc hv-32p37 is in cinemascope format with 2 black bands there is a brithness line between those cinemascope black bands and image's screen.
this brightness line appears espacially when supre digipure mode is in min auto or max settings.

Is this problem can be fix in servive mode and if yes where?

I also notice that in the service menu in v/c the yellow have to be in front of
JUST REF SETTINGs in my case it is in BELOW REF SETTING and i can't modify it?
why? is someone knows?

Thanks for you're precious help :lease:


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Do a search on this forum or the LCD forum - the bright line has been mentioned before. Apparently, its just a feature of the DIST processing. Can't say I even noticed it until I read about it on the forums

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