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JVC Plasma - RGB Shift Problem

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Shady Deal, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. Shady Deal

    Shady Deal
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    Sep 5, 2001
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    I have recently been on this forum saying how good the JVC plasma is.

    I have one very small problem as per header. I was watching a DVD to-day via RGB and on one scene there was a tiny strip down the right hand side (About 1/4") where it looked as though the picture was too far to the left.

    In they noticed that if I use the Sky remote and press "TV" you can see the picture turn to Pal as normal. Then if you press "Sky" you get the RGB signal back and the same part of the screen jumps about 3/4" to the left leaving a black strip down the edge. It stays like this for a few seconds before the TV seems to say "Oops I have a RGB signal I need to move back" and it does so.

    I have measured the screen with the setup screen of the DVD in Pal and RGB and there is indeed about 1/2" difference between them measuring from the rigjt hand side to the edge of the DVD menu box.

    Sky seems to be off centre (going by the menus at the bottom" so I am asuming that the set is not making a big enough allowance for the RGB input??

    My Tosh DVD that is connected via component does not show this.

    What puzzles me is that it is the same in every mode?? i.e regular - where you have grey bars each side of the screen 4:3 mode and when it switches to RGB the picture moves inside that frame if you see what I mean.

    Overall the problem is very small, I have owned the set for 2 weeks and JVC themselves are quite happy to send a qualified engineer out from some company to look at it.

    I will NOT allow the set to be taken away certainly being new, and I ask you knowledgable people if you think this would be an easy adjustment in service mode aon all the screen zoom modes??

    It is a stupid problem but I am now looking for it, I realise that I might have to compromise but is it a good idea to get an engineer out or learn to live with it!!


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