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    About 8 weeks ago, I took a leap of faith and bought my first DvD recorder, a Sony RDR-HX910, arguably one of the best around at the time (may still be). After using the HX910 for just a few days, it made me realise what I have been missing out on. Like a tonne (metric ton) of falling bricks, it all hit home that I had been living in the TV/Movie dark ages. The old Philips 25" simply wasn't up to the task anymore. Over the previous 12 months or so, I had updated things all around the TV - new amps and speakers, DvD players, DvD recorders. All of a sudden, it dawned upon me that the TV was the weakest link in a strong, new chain - that all the improvements I had made, may account for nothing if I did not have the means to view them for what they really are. But, where to go, what to do, and how much was it going to cost?

    I guess the flyers we get in the mailbox everyday with specials at the local electrical store, soon answered that. I picked one of them and saw a Philips 32PW4523-79R 32" Widescreen CRT TV on special, so I bought one. Ah, widescreen at last. Initially, I liked the new total package but I noticed that the super heavy TV was starting to make my new component stand sag, like you wouldn't believe. Not only was the stand bending downwards, but the clothes drawers in my room it sat on was also suffering from Philips garvity. This TV weighed in at a hefty 50 kgs (110 lbs) - no wonder things were bending. I was expecting to wake up with a TV ontop of me one night. I also have to admit that I was not overly happy with that TV. Most annoying thing was, the picture was not straight. It was fat at one end of the screen and a bit thinner at the other side, and no amount of picture rotation or zoom would compensate, except for when you used full 16:9 widescreen. Overall, the quality of the viewed picture was poor - acceptable but poor. Well, a few days ago I enquired about the price of a new LCD job and the manager of the local store assured me I would have a large smile on my face if I bought from him,, but,, I have to be there face to face as there were no "over the phone" deals made. What the heck, after work I headed down there and asked him what this deal of the century was going to cost me... Let's just say, I did had a smile on my face and a new JVC LT-Z32SX5, 20 minutes later. He knocked 25% off the price for a cash deal, so I bought it...

    I put the Philips in the spare room and the new TV onto my drawers, joined up the cables and fired it up. At this stage I have to admit the setup is nowhere as user friendly as the Philips and the owners manual was much needed, but after it was set up - Holy Mutha - what a "new" world of TV.. This is unbelievable... Now I know I "WAS" in the TV dark ages before. CRT TV's still have a lot going for them in that they don't show up many of the imperfections fed into them and can give a subtle, warm, smooth picture but when it comes to the finer details, LCD as got it all over the CRT. I can now actually read the names in the credits after a movie (you know!! - those real fineprint ones you never could quite read). I have to say though that the finer details were a bit overwhelming for the first few days as I tended to notice all those things I never saw before. Cripes, I can even see the pimples on the news readers face. It seemed almost too sharp-an-image. I adjusted the picture to my own taste and had to wind down the brightness, backlight, colour and contrast to almost "0" and also change to the softest view available. I had to remember too that the TV is only about 3 metres (10 ft) away from me eyes and if I get any closer it gets too grainy which is typical of digital transmission but lying in bed watching it, is like being there and scenic shots are out of this world. To me, having this TV is a real culture shock and I will remain impressed for a long time yet... Hell, I have even been recording my new game F.E.A.R from my PC to the HX910 then replaying it later, 2 - 3 hrs at a time, and the reproduction is almost every bit as good as on my PC's Philips 190B6 monitor...

    Features - too many to list here/now. That is review material.
    Likes - Everything I can see.
    Dislikes - Initial setup/choices could have been a tad easier for a guy like me.
    Overall assessment - Damned AWESOME...

    I love it..!!!

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