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Hi, I have not posted in these forums for a while.

I have just purchased a JVC LT-40DS7BJ and am not happy with the picture quality from a SD device. On watching some programmes particularly fishing when you get a close up of the water the picture is very pixalated and noisy. I tried the Lion King DVD and the picture was better but still not as good as I expected. It was pixalated again especially when you get a screenshot full of very similar colours.

I have now read some reviews on this TV, I know stupid to do this after purchasing it. The reviews say that the TV has great picture quality from HD but can struggle with SD especially when the settings are not set correctlly.

Please can someone help me out with the best settings to use for my TV?



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There should be some settings in this thread.

When you say you are watching from an SD device how is it connected to the TV? E.g. if it's by scart you can improve the picture by making sure the device is outputting an RGB signal rather than composite.


Thanks will have a look in that thred. Yes I was referring to a Sky Digibox, it is connected by scart and is set to RGB. Picture a bit better when playing DVDs, but still pixalted at times.

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