JVC LT-37DS6BJ Opinions Please


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Hi All,

I'm looking at purchasing a JVC LT-37DS6BJ LCD television. I was hoping that some of you could give me your opinion on this television for which I have seen in a local shop for £1800 along with a three year guarantee plus 0% interest for 12 months.

Is this a good deal and is it a good set for the likes of Xbox 360, Sky HD etc....

Are there ay negative points about the set.

One final thing.... What would be a good wall bracket for this LCD?


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Searching for "JVC LT-37DS6BJ" returns two results, one of which is this thread!

Also if you had to choose between a Sony KDL-V32A12 32 in. and a JVC LT-32DS6B, which would you choose?

richard plumb

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I've been looking at this set, and have my shortlist down to that one or the Toshiba WLT58 (Tosh has 2 HDMI but might have poor HDMI pictures, not sure yet)

JVC is very nice in the flesh (important for Wife Approval Factor!). It has speakers under the screen which means overall its about the same width as our current 30" LCD with wide speakers.

Overall though I looked at the sky picture and DVD and a HD demo in Comet and it looked as good as others to me. Reviews like it a lot (check out the reviews from the 'features' tab above for its littler brother). Good response times, good picture over component and HDMI. Just a good overall set.

Plus the pricing and size are good - there aren't that many 37" TVs around, and 40" is too big for me.

The Sony 'V' series has a very big thread on here - worth a read if you have a spare afternoon ;) I was attracted to the 'V' initially, but after a while the styling wore off on me and I didn't like the cloth speaker grille. Plus I couldn't see any difference in picture quality between the cheaper 'S' and the 'V' which put me off. Still, lots of people in the huge thread like it (but they have paid lots of money for it too)

Ultimately I think most of the sets talked about in this forum (with perhaps the exception of the budget supermarket ones) are pretty close to each other and you probably couldn't go wrong with any of them. Subjective viewing from you and design styling may be the deciding factor.


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N.A.V said:
Searching for "JVC LT-37DS6BJ" returns two results, one of which is this thread!

Search for "37DS6" rather than the full model number and you will see a lot more posts that have the JVC mentioned (not everyone knows the full model code).

Anyway, I too am looking at this set, along with the Tosh 37WLT58 - I have only seen the JVC37DS6 in the flesh once, but I have seen its smaller 32 inch version a few times side by side with the Tosh32wl56 (the none digital tuner version of the 58T) and sharing the same crappy TV feed the JVC (IMHO) did a marginally better job, when hooked up to a samsung hd845 again the JVC did a marginally better job (less MPEG blocking, sharper brighter colours - although admitedly i didn't mess with any of the picture settings)... in summary I think there wont be much between the 37 inch Tosh or the JVC... either product is likely to be a sound buy.

I am deliberately holding off for a month to see what happens as I am in no immediate rush - however I should hopefully have set by December - just in time for the Xbox 360 :eek:) it will most likely be one of these ... unless of course the 40 inch Samsung LE40M51 impresses and has a reasonable price :eek:)


We've had the 26" version of this set for a couple of months, and we are very happy with it. Nice clean pictures, decent blacks, good connectivity and plenty of twiddle-ability. I haven't tried it on a HD source yet, but come the XBOX 360 and then SkyHD it will be getting a good session!
We've been amazed by the spakling picture quality on some Sky programmes, even in standard def.

richard plumb

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Northerner, I have the same opinion as you. Assuming both are roughly equal, the Toshiba will win due to 2xHDMI (Sky HD + PS3). But I need to clear up the HDMI issue, as the 56 model had a noisy HDMI connection which is a showstopper for me.


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Home Cinema Choice (I think) has a full review of this set this month.

From memory the one reservation was the blacks which it rated as "good" as opposed to excellent it scored for the other attributes.

This mirrors the caveat the same magazine had about the 32 inch version. In both reviews they say that detail is not as good in the blacks such that there isn't as much detail in there as there should be.

The Panny 32 inch 500 series reviewed in the same issue got excellent for blacks.

No problems with noise reported over HDMI in contrast to the same mags review of the 37 inch Tosh 56.

If the Tosh 58 is the same electronics as the 56 its two hdmi ports won't be much of a selling point as they should be.


richard plumb

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exactly my concern Dave/Dune :) The 56/58 were both press released at the same time I think - the 58 being the 'premium' version with digital and 2 HDMI. I'm hoping its a sony S vs V thing and the 58s have different electronics.

considering how hot the plastic in my pocket is getting, its tempting just to jump for the JVC


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richard plumb said:
considering how hot the plastic in my pocket is getting, its tempting just to jump for the JVC

Yep its really hard to resist that temptation - I have been looking for a few months now and just want to buy, but at the same time I want the best my £££'s can get...

As for me the two HDMI would be a nicety rather than a necessity... I will be playing Xbox 360 (which uses component input) and watching DVD's (which might be via HDMI if I get an upscaling one or RGB SCART is I stick with my trusty 656A Pioneer model)... this might leave me a bit stuck if I decide to get SKY HD... but that wont happen for a year... hopefully the HDMI switches will be cheaper then!!

Richard - when you do decide on your model - please let us know.



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Have to agree having seen tosh and JVC side by side it did have the edge looking to get one tomorrow but can anyone recomend a shop, tv and video direct look very good and cheap price but not in stock until 22 October for the table stand version. Anywhere else with sub £1600 price and good customer service as the though nags that I migth want to swap it for a 32" model if to big in my room.

richard plumb

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which one did you prefer!? :p

Went and had a good look at both this evening. The JVC looks to have a larger picture as the way the frame is designed it looks thin and draws the picture out, whereas the frame looks larger on the Toshiba.

However, the Toshiba did have great blacks. The JVC I couldn't tell, as it was playing monsters inc (the flat screen selling DVD!). I'd appreciate any comments on absolute black level/contrast compared to the Toshiba, but I doubt there is a huge difference.

BTW, both were playing DVDs and looked fantastic - way better than my current philips. If I stood really close I could see shimmering from the mpeg/whatever. But even just standing back 4-5 ft it disappeared and looked great - this just from a DVD player via SCART!

Its even making me think that any HDMI noise won't be actually noticable from normal viewing distances.


I have had a 37DS6BJ now for 4 days. I am very pleased with it so far. The picture quality is very good via Sky and Digital TV. I haven't bothered with ordinary Tv as I do not require it. The picture quality is exellent via DVD. I have played Flying Daggers and Sim City etc and the picture quality has been superb. There may be a slight reservation about the blacks back this hasn't caused me any concern. I cannot comment on the sound quality as I have installed an all in one setup (JVC S-66) to complement this screen. I am now just going to enjoy this setup and forget about tinkering for a while.

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