JVC LT-37DS6 monitor through HDMI (& Mac)

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by ToastyBanjo, Oct 18, 2005.

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    I've had my JVC LT-37DS6 for a few weeks now and have just started to try and use the HDMI to display images from my computers (PC & Mac Powerbook). I have been using the VGA port for my PC and the S-Video for my Powerbook. Is it possible however to use the HDMI? When I plug in my Powerbook through a DVI-HDMI cable and switch to the HDMI channel, the screen shows up on the TV for a second then suddenly disappears and turns blue and my laptop freezes up until I either change the channel or unplug the cable. The same with my PC. The fact that the picture shows up at all, even for a second means that surely it is possible...? Is it? I'm trying to use this as a test for my HDMI port as I seem to be having problems with it when using it with the DVD player (although I'd much rather believe it was the awful Samsung DVD-HD950 I purchased) as the screen crackles, flashes green and other colours and sometimes makes very loud noisy sounds. Any help or advice with either of these issues? Many thanks in advance.

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