JVC lt-32ds6 or Panny tx-32lx52f Final decision!


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Ok, I am finally ordering a new 32" LCD, after looking at these forums for months. My final choices, considering my budget and my sensations, are the JVC LT-32DS6 and the Panasonic TX-32LX52F.

I am currently more inclined to the JVC right now, but not too many reports about it lately. I know I wouldn't do much wrong with either, but mostly I need a good tv for overall use (xbox with component, DVD, TV , sports...).

Any unhappy owner of any of these sets? :) Any advice?



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Recopla said:
well, I finally decided for the JVC :) .. I hope I won't be dissappointed...
Shouldn't think you will be I have spent a fair bit of timne viewing this TV and its a good product... I am currently looking to buy the 37 inch version just gotta get the price right :)


You definately will not be dissappointed.

I've got the JVC LT-32DS6 and it's a fantastic TV. Normal Sky and freeview PQ is very good. Hidef stuff is mindblowing, also dvds via component are amazing, Lord of the Rings/Toys Story 2 etc too my breath away.

Once you get it set up etc, come back and post your views ;)


I have the JVC, it is a good TV and the HDMI is superb. I have a poor reception for TV though and it shows it. This is more than compensated for with its other abilities. You've made a good choice.

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