JVC LT-26DA8BJ dtv issues


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I just picked up an obviously used JVC lcd tv, LT-25DA8BJ which is about seven or eight years old.

Unfortunately I have misplaced the remote control before even getting to use the thing, so I've managed to get a universal remote working for it.

I'm struggling with setting up the DTV side of the tv, I am using an antenna and the tv is being used in a different area of the UK than it was before.

If I go into DTV settings menu, I select installation and service scan, automatic and reinstall options, it seems to start a scan at the UHF channels of 21 and finishes at 68. I cannot seem to alter these channels, is this normal?

The only way I can get it to perform a good scan is to run the scan with the antenna unplugged thus forcing to PR list to empty.

Then I run into another problem, because if I change input and use hdmi to watch a blue ray, I go back to DTV and signal has gone bad again and I need to perform the whole scan again.

I thought perhaps a factory reset in the dtv menu might help but it asks for a PIN which I don't have.

Very frustrating, I find the whole DTV side of this tv unnecessarily complicated unless I am just dumb!

I am looking into replacing the antenna and coax cable, but need to figure out why I cannot get the dtv scan to go right.



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You cannot (and wouldn't want to) alter the DTV tuning range as CH21-CH69 is the frequency band used in the UK.
You should select the reinstall option.
Most default PIN nos are 0000 or 1234 unless the original owner changed it.
After a DTV scan is there perhaps a requirement to memorise the channels found...are there any instructions on screen at the end of the scan like "Press yellow to save" or similar?
Perhaps the original remote has a function to save the scan your universal one is lacking?
Do a Google search for the TV's user manual and read the setup/tuning section if you can find one.
HDMI leads are known to radiate spurious RF which can knock out and block certain channels...temporarily disconnect the HDMI lead at both ends then switch back and forth from the AV input your bluray player is using and check if the DTV channels are still present...if they are replace the HDMI lead.
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