JVC LCD: Blue "on" light comes on but no picture/sound - nothing...whats wrong?

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Hi all

Just a quick question:

Got a JVC 24" LCD which we use for a bedroom tv - model number is LT-24DK3BJ. It was bought from Comets in December last year and not really used that much...

Anyhow, went to turn it on today - and nothing. Well, I say "nothing" - the blue "on" light which remains lit up blue when the set is on has come on - but that's it - no sound/picture - nothing. It's dead. It also won't seem to turn off (well turn off the blue light) in any way unless you disconnect it from the mains.....

Tried disconnecting it from mains and reconnecting. Tried another type of "fix" which involved holding down the "MENU" "VOL -" and then "POWER ON" button - but again, doesn't do anything - other than the static blue "on" light.

Rang Comets (as obviously still under guarantee) and they will send someone out - but - not until 2 weeks time. Ridiculous. I know we don't use it as our main set, but nevertheless, pretty poor length of time to wait for one of their "engineers"....

Does anyone know what could be wrong? When my wife spoke to Comets to report the repair they said they thought they knew immediately what was wrong - something to do with a component board or something?

Obviously this IS Comet's we are talking about, so I don't really trust their telephone "diagnosis" (although they have said they have "pre ordered" the right part????)

Just wondered if anyone could speculate what might be wrong..

Cheers for any help!
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