JVC JVC AV-32T5 or Daewoo DLT32C3FTB: which should I go for?


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First post!!
I can get the JVC (CRT) for £249 from Empire, and with some family discount I can get the Daewoo (LCD) for £306 from TJHughes.
Has anyone got either of these?
I have V+ so SD will be upscaled for the Daewoo but I know it's lower end price bracket and I am tempted to go for the JVC.
I do fancy getting something HD ready though.......
I tried and returned a Samsung 409 (it was pants-geometry-picture shading bleeugh)
Having said that I've even considered trying another Samsung to see if it's any better than the last one.
Do fancy a 32" but have looked at the Daewoo 2850 CRT aswell.
I'm confused, any help much appreciated.
Which would you buy?


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I got the JVC model from littlewoods direct for £180(was £199 in sale then 10% code)

Having to return due to massive colour bleeding in right hand side of TV, shame as otherwise good TV, sound quality was excellent, deep and rich. TV is also made in UK. I was just unlucky, so If you can get one with no problemThe JVC is a very good TV and gets high ratings at reevoo.co.uk but cant comment on the Others.

robbie red

I have the JVC now a couple of years. I had been thinking of buying a new lcd telly. I have been jealously looking at a friends 42" lcd but every time I come back home and see my crt in action I have to say I suddenly lose that buying urge. I know one day I'll change but I do feel that unless you are going to be feeding an lcd hi-def material then it's not worth the expense.

Anyway, back to the JVC. I had geometry problems and had to enter the service menu to make some adjustments. There is serious bend on a 4:3 picture, especially on bright scenes, but then again most of what i watch is widescreen anyway. The scrolling text on channels such as Sky Sports News can appear to "dip" sometimes but that too can be lessened with a visit to the service menu.

I must say though that I paid almost £600 for my 32T5, so to get it for less than half that price would be a massive saving. Picture and sound is excellent. A little tweaking of the picture settings will give you an excellent picture, I am very impressed with mine. Movies look great, and sport is handled magnificently.

Yes I'd recommend the JVC, if I can be of any further help please ask. BTW, I wrote down the changes I made in the service menu should you purchase this telly and need to muck around.

Hope this helps
Regards, Robbie.


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Thanks for that. I was about to go and buy the LCD. I think I have been trying to convince myself that LCD would give me a "quality" picture when I think really CRT still has the edge in that price bracket.
I will be ordering the JVC, so I may well get back to you with Service menu access and settings. Your help has been much appreciated.

robbie red

Excellent price. You may have some tweaking to do, you may not, but please don't be put off if you do have to play about with it. I have to admit my previous telly was better, but it was a 28". I have never regretted choosing the JVC as my upgrade to 32". Incidentally, that's where i bought mine (about 3 years ago now, and still going strong). Stay in touch.


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Hi Shug
Hmmmm, not sure. I tried a load before one worked!!
Eventually got a first order discount, though.
I'll try and find it and I'll post it up then.


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have looked at the Daewoo 2850 CRT aswell.
I recently bought the Daewoo DUB2850 28" CRT. It is a "very adequate" (if adequate can ever be very ;) ) digital TV with the bonus of a CAM slot if you want Setanta. The tuner seems pretty good compared to my Digihome PVR, it doesn't seem to require such a strong signal.

I had qualms at first but found that I was accidentally changing the picture settings, resulting in blurred text and garish picture. Daewoo kindly and promptly sent out an engineer but I couldn't reproduce the problems - typical :rolleyes: The remote is OK but not the best, some of the buttons are poorly positioned and too close together (that's how I changed the pic settings without realising).

However, if you have significantly more than £200 to spend and you can cope with taking delivery of a 32", I would think you'll be happier with the recommendations above. I'd like to have that extra 4" really ;)


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