JVC HV32P37 or Cheap 26-32" LCD - What would you go for?


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I'm considering buying a JVC HV32P37 to replace my trusty Toshiba 32ZD09 for both SD and HD duties. I've thought about buying a cheap 26-32" LCD for the £400 mark but I believe that would be a false economy. I think that most of my viewing will be with SD material (apart for Xbox 360) and think that the JVC will give me the best of both worlds. I would appreciate any advice.



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I guess you are looking at the JVCs on eBay?

I faced a very similar choice about twelve months ago and looked at most of the 30" LCDs. I was distinctly unimpressed by SD viewing on most LCDs and ended up with on of the last new HV-32P37s which were being sold off cheaply. Although the JVC CRT has to upscale the SD pictures the same as any HD LCD, it seems better at it than the LCDs I looked at.

Any true HD set has to upscale SD inputs, and this is always going to cause problems - the Sharp LCDs which were optimised for SD looked very good indeed, but then they are not HD displays. If I had gone for a LCD, that's what I would have probably bought...

LCDs may have moved on in 12 months though...

Although there are a few issues with the JVC HV sets (do a forum search), they are still a very good (UK manufactured) TV.:)


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I have to say that I agree with your comments on SD on LCD's. Every shop that I go to showing SD leaves me thinking that my old Toshiba is showing capable of better images and I it feels like I'm being steamrollered into buying a LCD. I saw the JVC on Ebay and checked out some reviews and it sounds good - A HV32P37 showing 1080i with an Xbox 360 and HD-DVD Drive sounds like the best of both worlds and an excellent combination for a few years.



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Thanks for advice sparky_paul, I think I'm going to take the plunge and get one of the JVC's

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