JVC hv-32p37 + RGB Shimmer ?????



Just got this TV, and I have to say I am very impressed. Its certainly on a par with the two faulty panny PD30 that I have just returned and £500 cheaper !!!!!!.

The only problem is when using RGB scart (xbox, PS2 or DVD) there is a slight shimmer over the whole screen. Its not a massive problem but it is noticable.

I am sure I have read of some Panasonics suffering the same problem and it could be fixed by changing a setting in the servive menu (DVCO or something).

Is there s simmilar cure on JVC's, or will I have to get some doughnut from comet to come and look at it !!.

Any help would be appreciated.


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have you tryed s-video or composite to see if it still does it


Yes, It only does it on RGB.

S-Video, Composite and Component are all fine.

As with most TV's, there seems to be a problem with RGB.

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