JVC HM-DR10000EK playback issue


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Hi all - im hoping for some assistance.

I have a JVC HM-DR10000EK which has served me well for a few years now with ad hoc use. Playing back a standard VHS tape earlier today for digitising, as usual, was fine - but for some inexplicable reason, every tape I now insert into the machine incorrectly reads as an S-VHS tape instead of VHS - even tapes played back successfully as VHS over the past week or so are now being seen by the player as SVHS.

Ive turned SVHS off in the menu, but VHS tapes persist as being seen incorrectly as SVHS tapes when playing back, and therefore not playing back correctly.

Please help! Any advice and guidance will be gratefully received. Happy to be told if there is a setting I simply need to turn on / off here :)


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S-VHS cassettes have an additional hole on the bottom of the cassette case to allow the machine to detect the tape type, by allowing the passage of an microswitch piston, when the cassette drops into its play position.

I dont know whether that switch is a normally open or normally closed type but it seems likely that will be where the trouble lies.


This picture shows where the ID Hole is located on the cassette which should help you to locate the corresponding switch on the deck.
S-VHS ID Hole.jpg
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