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JVC HD250-jagged edges with DVD playback


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I just saw a demo of the JVC HD250 in a professional installation. With Blu-Ray material it was absolutely stunning. However, I played a standard definition DVD and there were very obvious jagged edges on any images with diagonal lines, and with all text (credits). Playing the same DVD in the JVC HD1 (older model but with the same DILA technology) and the Panasonic AE4000 showed no such jaggies.

I was quite disappointed because the HD playback of the HD250 was so incredible. BTW, the Blu-Ray player was a high end player that was upconverting the DVD signal automatically so I don't think it was the Blu-Ray player. The salesman suggested that JVC may have optimized the HD 250 for HD playback, at the expense of SD playback. Has anyone who has the HD250 noticed the same issue with DVD playback? I still do watch quite a few standard definition DVD's so this would be a deal breaker for me. Thanks.


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Welcome to the forum rsen.

Well if the Blu-Ray player was upconverting, then the JVC wasn't actually playing SD, it was playing HD. Unless the blu-ray player was upconverting to 1080i (which would be pointless but not inconceivable), then I would rule out the JVC from being responsible for the jaggies.

If you return to test again, I would either try another upconverting player, or make sure the JVC is being fed a native 480i or 576i image.

Hope that helps
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I had the dealer retest the HD250 with DVD's and there was no more stairstepping/jagged edges. He thinks that it had been setup through a cable box last time I demo'ed it and that was what caused the stairstepping. So, no problem with the HD250.

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