JVC GRD73 or GRD93 ?


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I'm looking at £400 Camcorders and both the JVC GRD73 and GRD93 can be purchased online at this price. I heard nothing but good about this latest JVC range but want to make sure the 93 is better than the 73. The 93 has 1.3mp CCD against the 800K 73 but only has 10x zoom.

I'd considered the Canon 750i but I need goodlow light for indoors shooting and it still struggles in this area.

Anyone know of any reviews of the 93 - struggling to get any info on it.

I don't think for £400 it can be bettered unless someone can proove me wrong.

TIA for any help.


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Usually the higher pixel counts are for the still images. They probably won't use all the pixels for video. Choose according to the features you need. I bought the NTSC GR-D32U (680k CCD and am happy with the resolution). The best feature of the new JVCs is the 3D-NR for less grain and better low light images. The colors/contrast in decent lighting are superb in all the newest GR-D models.

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