JVC GRD31(from Dixons) or GRD23(online)?


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Have seen the GRD23 around for about £270 online but in Dixons today saw the GRD31EK for £299

After looking online it seems it's exclusive to Dixons/Currys/PCworld but seems the same as the GRD23 but with DV in

I am sceptical of spending my money with the Dixons group so wanted to know other peoples thoughts/experiences on these camcorders??

thanks in advance


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Whichever JVC you buy, get one with the 3DNR feature. It makes for MUCh better images. I'm not sure if either of these has that feature. I know the 53E does.


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GRD31 is OK for what it is, Line(analogue) and IEEE (firewire) in and out but not USB. Part of the 'Realvision' range that is now superceded so this is very much last years model. Some people on this board have complained about 'head needs cleaning' warnings popping up, which I have seen a couple of times, but if you ignore it, it goes away (just a bit sensitive I suppose), versatile for home movies and fun stuff, but not sturdy enough for hard work.
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