JVC GR-DX100 Convert Video to Mac??


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Hi all

After reading this weeks Mac user and the tips on capturing old video tapes and converting to dvd i thought i'd give it a go.

I have the above camcorder, JVC GR-DX100EK but can't for the life of me work out how to get it to bridge the video players signal to the mac, is drivin me nuts! Have the supplied av lead that plugs from video scart to av in on camcorder then have a firewire cable from cam to G5 Powermac.

Any tips, greatly appreciated.




How are you connecting the video player to your camcorder - are you using the scart adapter that was supplied with your camcorder - if so that is your problem - these adapters are video IN (to VCR) - pop down to your nearest Maplin and buy a Scart OUT adapter (which will be marked OUT) or a switched adapter that allows you to select in/out

Duncan Craig

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First off all check you can see a picture from your VHS picture on the camera screen / viewfinder, it's likely nothing to do with the Mac.

To get a picture through, you normally have to put the camera in VCR mode, and activate analogue to DV converting too. Make sure there's no tape in the camera too, saves any confusion. Once you have a picture then connect the camera to the Mac.

You'll need to adjust the capture software on the Mac so I doesn't try to control the tape transport in the camera, I can't help with any particular settings but that's the general overview.

Which software are you capturing with?



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Cheers guys!

U are right about the connector, so will go find an av-out scart and see where we go from there.

As for capturing on the Mac, not sure yet, will be iMovie05 or Final Cut Express 2, think these should do the job, can then master with themes on iDvd.

Thanks for the help, will get back with results



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Popped home for lunch and fished out an old scart adapter with input/output switch, pressed play on the video and hey presto it came up on the camcorder :clap:

Left it running whilst iMovie4 [still waiting for 5 to arrive] captured it.

Thanks again for the help :smashin:


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Spoke too soon!!

Got home to find the video had imported fine, but there aint no sound when start to edit in iMovie!!!

Arrrggghhh - any ideas peeps???

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