Question JVC Everio GZ-HM650 - Worth upgrading?


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I currently have a JVC Everio GZ-HM650 ( which we have been using for the past few years for holidays. As it was purchased in 2011, I'm just wondering if it is getting towards the time for an upgrade.

There is nothing wrong with the camera, it can shoot in HD (although, I dont know if cameras now-a-days have improved their quality / resolution of HD), but I'm just wondering if it is worth upgrading? I have a budget of around £250-£300. If so, can you suggest any cameras that would be worth looking at?

Is there a camcorder on the market now that does a better job than my Everio, with any extra features / better quality? Or do you think the everio still has quite a bit of life left in it?




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My experience is somewhat similar. I bought a Panasonic HC-V700 some three years ago and a HC-V750 last year. I use both cameras either for a second shoot or to encourage my grandkids into filming. The difference in the picture quality is minimal but the 750 has so many extras over the 700, Slo-Mo, NFC operation for remote control, a headphone socket:clap:, MP4 recording and some others. So yes it was worth the upgrade from that point of view.
Now life is all about 4K and the much better quality it provides. I am sticking with HD for now because the investment is a bit too much to change again but when the next upgrade comes along - who knows?:confused: The other factor is equipment failure, so when my TV packs up I will go for the latest replacement at that time. Then other upgrades may follow.
So if you are happy, stick with it. (your camera spec looks pretty decent) Go for the next great upgrade when it comes along.

Just my opinion of course!!:rolleyes:


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Hmmm yes that's what I'm thinking..... My camera still seems good enough for what I need it to do, so I might hang on for a year or two and see what's on the market then. I want the upgrade to be worth it, rather than just additional menu items etc. I want to see an improvement in the picture quality etc. Thanks for the opinion.


My camera still seems good enough for what I need it to do, so I might hang on for a year or two and see what's on the market then.
I think we often want the latest & greatest but once a purchase has been made we find out how good the old one was :facepalm:

So I would come at this from another angle
  • What doesn't my current camcorder do that newer ones can?
  • Will a new camcorder in my budget give me the missing features?
  • Do I want these new features?
Only once you can answer yes to all of the above is it really worth upgrading, unless the current camcorder gets lost or broken of course.


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