JVC DVP7 - analogue in / out ????


David Hughes

Hi folks
is anyone able to tell me whether my JCV GRDVP7 is able to record from VCR back to DV. This would appear to be the only option I have for getting analogue data into my pc via firewire to then burn on to DVD. Have tried and failed with Pinnacle Studio Deluxe V8 (with break out box)......... any help would be greatly appreciated and would get my new Year off to a good start !

David Hughes

Thanks for coming back to me, really appreciated. Am I therefore detines never to get vhs onto PC or is there something (another device other than the Blue breakout box supplied in Pinnacles Studio dlx v8 - which doesn;t work for me) that I could use ? any help/advice greatly appreciated.
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Try ringing JVC Customer Service Line ( Direct ) on 0870 3305000.

Sorry I can't be more useful...


I have checked the instruction manual of the US DVP7. Apparently its an option in the menu somewhere where it just changes the AV output to INPUT. There surely must be a simple way of enabling that item in the menu somehow.

Has anyone tried opening up the remote control panel and checking to see whether there is a special engineers button inside? This might bring up some options to enable things. I know that this was the case with some sony camera's.

If someone has found a way please let me know also since I have the same problem. That Hollywood bridge device is just so incredibly expensive and not very portable.


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Just got hold of a DVP9 for £730 from Jessops (price match) and that definately has Analogue input. I've just transferred all my Video 8 tapes via this using a borrowed camcorder (my old V8 one has gone to camcorder heaven!)

Don't know how much the 7 is but the 9 is a bargain at £730

Edit: Just noticed you have already got the 7. Don't know how to enable the analogue input. Sorry.

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