JVC DVL767 linking to Mac0SX


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Sep 30, 2005
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Hi folks, this is designed to show I know very, very little about anything. I have a JVC GR DVL 767EK camcorder and I edited success-fully using iMovie on a Mac OS 9.0 with a USB cable. I have upgraded the Mac to OS 10.3.9 and can't make the camera connect to the computer. Does it have to be done by Firewire? Are they compatible or, as usual these days, buy one thing and you have to junk another? Help vastly appreciated. Alan
From what I can find out from a quicl Google - the JVC GR DVL 767EK is a DV camcorder and therefore firewire is the only way to get the video off the tape and onto a PC or Mac with 100% quality. Being a digital camcorder I would say it is almost guarenteed to have a firewire port on it, but as I can't find too much info on the net I can't say for sure.


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