JVC DVD recorder and connections to pioneer 434HDE

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    I've having great difficulty with this new system i've set up. Just a bit of background: i've got a 434HDE, Denon 500DHt home entertainment, Ecostar reciever, and now a JVC MV1B. I've followed all the instructions to set up. Unfortunately, i cant get the VHS or DVD recorder to record from input 2 (reciever channel) via the timer. I've read the amnual cover to cover. Also the screen on input 2 cannot be adjusted so i'm getting an slightly larger image than the screen allows. again i've followed instructions and adjusted the settings but it keeps jumping back.
    Finally, is it possible to record off the reciever whilst watching other cahnnels from the reciever.

    I'm sure these are basic questions, but its getting very frustrating. Can anyone help?


    Imran :lease: :lease:

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