JVC DVD home cinema system hell - please help!!!



hi all

Just thought I'd ask for you advice on something technical - it's TV\DVD related.

We've had a widescreen JVC tv for about 2 years, never had one problem with it.

Bought the DVD home cinema system at Xmas, plugged it in (with only subwoofer & one speaker connected - left the other 4 speakers until we got stands - manual said this was ok anyway) - all worked perfectly.

THEN plugged in the other 4 speakers when we got the stands last week. This is when it all went pear-shaped.

When the DVD is on, none of the remote controls work. The sound only comes through 2 speakers, and I can't change any of the settings because you need the remote control to do that.

(the remote control has brand new batteries in it as that was the first thing I thought of)

Once the DVD is switched off and the TV switched on & off at the mains, the TV control works again sometimes. Have tried pulling all the scart leads out, unplugging all the speakers, plugging the scart leads back in and leaving the speakers out, plugging everything back in, none of it seems to make any difference.

Even when I put the playstation on to de-stress after all the messing about, the tv control worked then stopped after a few minutes, then started again after "rebooting" the tv. And the TV control has new batteries too!

Dunno what to do. All these problems have started since I plugged in the other 4 speakers...

The worst thing is that I know connecting speakers should really have no effect on remote controls etc. ALL controls lock up once the dvd is switched on, including the TV remote, digital (satellite) remote, and the dvd remote itself.

Total tech-hell!!!!

thanks in advance


dvd system: THA 35
(XV-THA35 dvd player)
(SP-THA 35 speakers)



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Hi daft,

Welcome to the forums - your post is in the wrong forum so I am moving it to the DVD Players forum where you are more likely to get the answer you need...


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What a wierd problem! I've never heard of running a home cinema system with only one speaker and a subwoofer. Sounds a bit dangerous to me. It may well be in doing so you have damaged the amp by not having a load on all channels and its giving off a large amount of RF interference jamming/interferring with the circuitry of the remote controls. Its possibly by not having the polarity the right way round on all speakers also causes the amp to give off large amounts of RF interference.

All I can suggest is reconnect again double checking all connections at both the speaker and dvd receiver ends and if that doesn't work try and get it replaced.

Was there anything else changed in the room when you put the speaker stands in?

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