JVC DV7P or Sony TRV25E




extremely new to the digital video game so please bear with me. I'm after a mini DV that can: -

1. do high quality inside low light shots
2. do half decent stills (pref 1Mpixel or better)
3. be simple to use
4. be small(ish) enought to carry around easily
5. NOT have an on-screen option setup - prefer buttons every time
6. have a hotshoe capacity
7. dv in/out
8. be less than £1200

I've been looking at the Sony trv25E and the DV7P but neither answer all my requirements enough (and I know I want a lot). I'll be videoing first baby moments etc. and because of where we live most of these will be indoors, but I also want to email stills to overseas family so that they can have a 'good' quality (for a vid cam) 'photo.

I have a very good price on a DV2000 but is this a bit bulky to use? I have arthritis in my hands so fiddly controls are a no-no, but so is a big unit that could be too heavy! The arthritis is the other reason that I want stills from the mini dv instead of having to change to a still digital camera - I can't move that quickly!

Any advice/views etc more than gratefully accepted (especially on the Canon MVX2i and the MV5iMC and the sony dcr range)

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