JVC DRM10 DVD-Recorder

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    Hi m8s
    I am thinking of getting one of these DvdRecorders any feed back would be welcome .Here are the spes
    JVC continue their excellant line of DVD-Recorders with this, the DRM10. It's pretty well kitted out for the money, with support for DVD-Ram, DVD-R/RW, CD, SVCD, VCD, CD-R/RW, MP3, JPEG Digital Still. Phew! - Thats alot of formats for one machine!!!

    * PAL Progressive Compatibility
    * Motion Active Progressive Scan
    * Digital Direct Progressive Scan
    * Super MPEG Encode Pre-Processor: Time Base Corrector, Frame Synchroniser and Motion Active Noise Reduction
    * Super MPEG Post-Processor: Block Noise Reduction Circuit, Colour DigiPure and Hadamard Noise Reduction System
    * 8-Hour DVD Recording
    * Library Database DVD Navigation
    * DVD Navigation with Animated Thumbnail (DVD-RAM/DVD-RW VR Format)
    * On-Disc Timer Programming (DVD-RAM/DVD-RW VR Format)
    * Live Memory (Simultaneous Recording Playback) (DVD-RAM)
    * Instant Replay, Quick Skip, Live Check
    * i.LINK Connection (DV Input)
    * NICAM Stereo Decoder
    * Linear PCM Audio Recording (XP Mode Only)
    * 192kHz/24-bit Audio D/A Converter
    * 10-bit/54MHz Video D/A Converter
    * Video Plus+ Deluxe
    * Auto PDC
    * T-V Link
    * Dolby Digital/DTS/MPEG Digital Output
    * Virtual Surround
    * Auto 16:9 Recording Playback
    * Variable Search and Slow
    * Natural Reverse Playback (-1x)
    * Resume Function (30-Disc/Bookmark)
    * 1-Month/8-Programme Timer
    * Rec Link
    * Auto Set
    * 99-Channel Frequency SynthesisedI Tuner with Hyperband
    * Power Save Mode
    * Permanent Programme Memory
    * 60-Min. Power Backup
    * Multi-Brand TV/DVD/Satellite Compatible Remote Control
    * Dual SCART Connectors with Satellite/PDC Compatibility
    * Front AV Input
    * Video Outputs: Component andS-Video
    * Audio Analogue Outputs: Front L/R
    * Audio Digital Output: Optical and Coaxial
    Thanks for your great board.
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    I like to asked a question about this Dvd Recorder ,as I live in Ireland & on cable TV ( NTL) which relay there signal on the VHF band would the truner in the JVC work with VHF or is it UHF only . I found a on line shop in the UK that sell out side the UK "Futurehome online"

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