JVC DR MH20SE Live Memory - external input



I want to ask somebody who has experience with JVC DR MHxx series DVD/HDD recorder:
Is the Live Memory function working with external inputs? I want to use it with SAT box. Is it possible to set the device to buffer the input that the sat box is cobbected to, in order to be able to use functions as "Pause live TV", "Instant replay" etc.?
I downloaded the manual - but there is no clear answer to this question.
I like the sat control in this recorder, but the lack of RGB input is terrible!
I am trying to decide between JVC NH20SE - Pioneer 433H - Samsung DVDRH 725.
The winner seems to be the Pioneer - RGB input,dual layer DVD-R, although the JVC Live Memory if can be used with external input can change my mind. The Samsung is 160Gb, and has HDMI. Any opinions will help me decide.


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The latest HD/DVD models from JVC have RGB input (available shortly DR-MH300). I have a DR-MH30 and live memory works on Sat input. RGB from my sky box is like watching everything in bright Technicolor which cannot be adjusted on my SONY TV, so composite input is fine. Pictures recorded on the HD in XP mode are as broadcast and then when transferred to DVD in SP mode look just as good
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