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I’ve been looking for a DVD recorder around the £300 mark and trying to decide which has the best features. I have Sky+ already and so don’t need HDD capability, but wanted the most flexibility in terms of format. I will be wanting to:
Play rented DVDs, copy programs from the Sky+ onto DVD for later viewing, download Camcorder footage onto DVD.

I was looking at the JVC DR-M1 as this seemed to fit the bill and having component video out, made it more attractive than the Toshiba DR-1 that I was also considering.

However, I have seen references to a model DR-M10S. Does anybody know more about this. I am wondering if it replaces the DR-M1 and so maybe also supports component video inputs which has been cited as a drawback of the DR-M1. Also is it possible to have these players multi-region enabled ?


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Not sure what the difference is but I think that satellite control feature on the DRM1 is not compatable with sky+. Worth checking it out if you were interested in using this nifty feature.


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The DR-M10 is a replacement for the DR-M1 but appears to be largely a facelift only (i.e. no RGB input:( ). There is rumour of a cheaper DR-M5 and also some DVD-RW + HDD models.


Where would be a good place to buy a region free version of the DM-R1. I understand it's discontinued, but I'd really like to have the RGB input


You cant make any DMR1 region free its region 2 only.

And if you have Sky Plus u can feed a svideo feed into the recorder, this is nearly identical to rgb - so no problems there.

Also whatever you feed into the jvc becomes progressive.

I have my Sky Plus (big improvement on progessive sky picture on my pana ae100 - whites are whiter and blacks are blacker and everything is sharper)

Also Divx-Dvd Player going into front svideo inputs of Jvc Recorder - this allows me to watch R1 OR Divx or Xvid in progressive scan on my pana ae100 again going thru the jvc recorder.

Also JVC Camcorder into front dv input ................etc etc etc.

BTW Does the new Panasonics do this conversion? I know u can watch Pal and NTSC discs in Prog Scan but will it actually convert whatever you put into it to pROG sCAN?

Dave, Oldham.

BTW I picked my Jvc Recorder up from Sky Buy for£200 delivered - and am well pleased with it.


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Originally posted by dmccormick
However, I have seen references to a model DR-M10S. Does anybody know more about this. I am wondering if it replaces the DR-M1 and so maybe also supports component video inputs ......

DR-M10 box has DR-M10S as a model number, maybe it just means silver ?
DR-M10 definitely has no component video inputs.


I have just taken delivery of this dvd recorder and have hit a snag already , the unit will play recorded dvd,s ok but when I try to put in a philips dvd+rw disc the machine says loading and then says disc error , I have just bought these discs from argos with a white square symble (rw) on them so they should work but will not and has got me beat , any suggestions :mad:


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ahem the JVC is DVD-R,DVD-RW,DVD-RAM compatible not +RW.....no one has built a RAM/+RW machine Sony gave upon +RW/-RW unit...................

Top Features
• Playable Formats: DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD-R, CD, SVCD, VCD, CD-R/RW, MP3/JPEG Digital Still (CD-R/RW)
• Recordable Formats: DVD-RAM, DVD-RW (VR and Video Formats), DVD-R
• PAL Progressive Compatibility
• Motion Active Progressive Scan Output (for Video Source)
• Digital Direct Progressive Scan Output (for Film Source)


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can anybody confirm whether any of the jvc dvd recorders can play dvd +R or dvd +rw (i.e. not record)


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Gr8te, my laptop drive is only +R/RW, if you do try +rw then let us know. Another +1 for the JVC, in a years time we will all laugh when they all support Dual Layer/Freeview/DD etc/etc.


OK I see now we have +wr and - wr discs and I had the wrong type for my machine but its all sorted now you see I am new to this dvd recorder tecknology but I am learning fast ............Jacko

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