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I have looked around in vain for a detailed spec sheet for the JVC DR-M10 to see if it has the scart input RGB enabled. The JVC UK website still only lists the DR-M1 model and not the DR-M10 model.

Could anyone please let me know for definite if it has the above feature or not. I know the JVC DR-M1 did not have this feature but perhaps the upgrade included it. It seemed to be the only slight criticism of the DR-M1 from what I can gather from reading the forum & magazine reviews

Apart from the above are there any main functionality differences between the DR-M1 and the DR-M10, ie, which should I buy. My use is watching DVD's on the TV and the occasional recording to archive of TV programs & I have a Sky+ box for Hard Drive recording.

Also, some of the DVD's are "Internet Downloaded Movies" that I understand can often come in some of the older formats that I understand the JVC units can handle.



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Definitely no RGB Scart input on DR-M10.
I have one at home at the moment, supposedly to replace a faulty DR-M1.
It doesn't seem as well made as previous model, DR-M1 was Made In Japan, DR-M10 is Made In Germany but that probably means what was East Germany ?
I don't know whether it shares LG internals with older model but it isn't any better either way.
I am returning it tomorrow, will now wait for a new Panasonic. :(

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