JVC DR-M1 IR STB Control


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Jan 7, 2003
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West Sussex, U.K.
Hi Folks,

Has anyone with a DR-M1 managed to get the infra-red STB control to work, either with Freeview or Sky boxes? I have three STBs, a Nokia 221T (but not for nuch longer!), a Pioneer DT100, and a Nokia 9850T (old On-Digital box). The only one I can get the JVC STB control to work with is the old On-Digital Nokia. Surely JVC have not sold this machine, without it being compatible with the latest STBs?

I know you can use the AV2 input to trigger recordings from the STB, but this limits the ability to record at different speeds, and when recording several consecutive programs on different channels, you don't get the title index for each program using this method. This method also is not very successful using the Nokia 221T, as it switches off and on again when changing channels, which the DR-M1 doesn't seem to cope with.

Thanks for any comments. :)
Hi Simon

I use my DR-M1 to control my Pace Sky digital STB (not sure of the model) and it works fine with the I/R controller. It took a bit of playing around with codes to get it to work but it now switches channels perfectly.
Hmmm... maybe it only works with Sky boxes, and not Freeview? Seems odd then, that it works with an old On Digital box.

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