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JVC are proud to announce that THX Ltd have awarded our new DLA-Z1 native 4K Ultra HD laser projector THX Certification. JVC are the first and currently the only manufacturer to have been accredited with recognition in this category, confirming that we meet the highest standards of quality and performance.


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However, I've been waiting for years for a JVC native 4K Projector at an affordable price to compete with native lamp based 4K Sony Projectors,
And now one comes out that is frankly ridiculously priced.
Hoping we can get a lamp based native 4K projector or,
a more competitively priced laser based native or faux 4K Projector like the Epson LS10500 sooner rather than later.....

And I hope the HDMI handshake lag is reduced on this and the new JVCs coming soon,
15+ seconds waiting to get a HDMI picture is frankly ridiculous!
Get the basics right!


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Correct. I rather have a HDMI handshake in 2-3 seconds then a THX certification on my X7000 which adds no functional benefits whatsoever.


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Yes +1 to reduce HDMI sync times it's unaccaptable at this age. Congrats on the Z1 it is a hell of a machine and I am thinking of getting one but the upcoming lamp models are much more attractive due to pricing even though I am now used to laser and having a hard time letting it go. Agree we would all like to see lower priced native 4K models very soon to compete with Sony. Laser and e-shift would also be a good option similar to Epson's LS, if JVC offered laser on the upcoming models you guys would destroy the market.

Now that we are going to have a low lag option on the new models please please please fix HDMI sync times. These two issues are keeping a lot of buyers in other camps. Sheer contrast isn't enoguh for all buyers to justify all other issues they have to put up with.

I guess this is not why you guys opened this thread so you can listen to our whining but at least we can let the steam out and just maybe our prayers will be answered :)
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