JVC DLA-HD100 DILA Projector Review

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But at the end of the day with three high quality projectors in my room at the same time as this review sample, time and time again I found myself switching on the HD100 to sit back and watch a movie, and I think that says everything that needs to be said.

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Could someone please give an idea whether they know of a company making an in-ceiling electric drop down housing for this projector, or one that will fit it, I have a maximum of 65cms front to back length to play with.

And how does it mount, upside down? Is it necessary to angle it backward or forwards when mounted upside down? Is there a plinth you need to use?

And finally! How does RS232 work? If I want to control the screen from the projector, how do I switch on the projector and get it to send a signal to the screen? It's going to be a Screen Research screen and I just need a trigger signal. Any ideas? RS232 explained perhaps?

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