JVC digital camcorder malfunction

Hi, I recently bought a JVC digital camcorder (grd290) PAL version. It was brand new, and i was very happy with it for 4 months while it was used for family use (kids, holydays, etc.). I used it very carefully, never dropped it, so I was very distrubed when one day when I opened the camcorder's diplay to record something in broad daylight, it didn't focused (at all). The image was blurry, the zoom in/out function operated ok, the camera had a quick focus on something but quickly lost it (almoust instantly). When switched to manual mode, the same blurry picture is present, and the manual focus function does not operate apparently. I didn't observed any warning messages on display whatsoever. All this time a rapid knocking sound is heard in the upper-front of the camcorder (about 1 inch behind the lens). The same picture is present when I try to operate the camcorder through viewfinder instead of LCD screen, I cleaned the leses, I try to disable the antishake option from menu, I tryied basically everything I could think of beside open it - nothing worked, auto or manual mode. The playback of the previously recorded tapes is flawless. So, if you ever encountered this type of malfunction, or if you have any idea of what type of malfunction it is and how it can be fixed, please advice me. Because I don't have warranty (expired) I would like to have an idea about what parts need to be changed before getting into service - overhere all services try and overcharge the repairs a lot.
Thank you very much.


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You say you recently purchased this JVC. What is recent please ? If under 1 year (in UK) then get it back to the point of purchase and they will get it back to JVC for you. They might well come back and say it is not covered and give you an estimate. You then decide from there... Check your household insurance too for accidental damage cover too??


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