JVC camcorder battery running down

Nick Odgers

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About 9 months ago I bought a JVC GR-DVL557 camcorder, new but going cheap. I bought a larger capacity battery at the same time from an overseas firm recommended in these forums. When camcorder is not used for a month or two the battery runs out, should this happen or is perhaps battery duff?


All rechargeable batteries will loose their charge over a period of time. Even a car battery will if left standing for a few months.
In my experience NiMH as used in my digicam are the quickest to go flat, but over a couple of months my Li-ion will also go flat. But they will then recharge with no problems and have been doing this for a good few years so I doubt there is a problem with yours or my batteries.



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NiMH batteries should also be in an UNcharged state when storing for long periods. You get longer life that way. This may also be true for Li-ions but I haven't found the definitive answer yet.
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