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JVC AV32WFT1EKS Stopped working?.

Discussion in 'TVs' started by mik60ish, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. mik60ish


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    I have recently moved to New Zealand, and my JVC AV32WFT1EKS has packed up, the screen had black vertical lines of 30mm on the sides, and then it would just turn itself off ?. The TV is about 18 months old and I bought it on the strengh of it being recommended in one off the mags at the time of purchase.

    I contacted JVC in the UK prior to my departure to see if the set would work in NZ, their reply = Unfortunately, your tv will be able to receive
    only Pal"I" standard broadcast. Therefore, your tv can only receive picture
    from New Zealand broadcast but not sound.
    As tv broadcasting standard in England is in Pal "I", your will be able to
    receive picture but not the sound. However, you can connect a locally
    bought vcr and to your tv via scart lead and able to watch through vcr
    channels. You will be able to do the same with Sky decorder and cable
    decorder etc. When you feed through the scart channel, signal will not go
    through the tuner, hence, you will not have any problem at all.

    I bought a VCR and the set was happy for about a month and now its just stopped working, I have taken it into a TV repair shop and they require a service manuel for this model, Have emailed JVC UK and they are supposed to reply within 4 days but no reply as yet 8 days later.

    I have no regrets to bringing the set to NZ because if I tried to sell it before leaving would not have got that much for it anyway, and widescreen's seem rather expensive in NZ.

    It had to happen when the World cup has just started !. So how do I catch JVC's attention this side of the water?.

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