JVC AV32T4 / AV32R4 one simple question

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by robotron, May 29, 2004.

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    Well, hopefully a simple question (split into 2 parts mind) for anyone who has bought or played with one of these...

    The models they replaced (AV32T25, AV32R25) had one major flaw, that being a dark image when used with RGB input.

    Now, as I'm going to use this with RGB sources (PS2, DVD etc..) I'd like to know, has this has been fixed in the new models?

    The older models didn't allow brightness/contrast to be altered when using RGB so do the new models allow it?

    I've had the money burning a hole in my pocket for weeks now and I need/want to buy a 32" TV for about £600, preferably with 3 scarts.

    The only place I've seen the set so far is in Comet and they didn't even know what an RGB input was, let alone be able to demonstrate it. That and the fact that they were £200 more expensive than I can buy online.

    Cheers for any help you can offer - I've asked similar questions before with no luck but hopefully people will now have seen the set and figured out it's good and bad points.


    p.s - Yes, I know it only has one RGB input out of the 3 scarts just in case you think I'm deluded. I don't mid swapping occasionally if I have to - just as long as my PS2 games look good :)
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    rorym, sorry I don't know the answer but the reason for my response is that I too after some searching have decided on this model to replace my old 4:3 brick, so was interested to see your post. Hope your not thinking of spending your whole £600 budget, I have identified a web supplier whose total price is under £400. Recently got a JVC HDD DVD recorder from them (great machine, awful manual) and happy to use again. I've downloaded the manual for this set from the JVC website and particularly like the many zoom options for the different aspect ratio's. Not sure why they don't supply the rear speakers for the surround sound and haven't seen any for sale separately, any ideas ?

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