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I bought an expensive Panasonic TXPS12 or something at the beginning of december:
28", Nicam, Flatscreen, 100hz. It had bad geometry problems all over the place, but when it worked the picture was very good. I had to get rid of it due to all the problems though.

Next was a Samsung WS32Z46VS. Picture was really poor and a few geometry problems.
It was 32", Virtual Dolby, Flatscreen, 100hz.

I had the JVC delivered yesterday and it's really good! I'm so happy, as the business of hauling loads of TV's around and waiting for new ones was really annoying. It's not 100hz, but 32", flatscreen and has Dolby Pro Logic sound. Picture's excellent, really sharp and clear. 99% geometry problem free-I noticed tiny bends when the screen was in 4:3 mode but it's so small there's no point correcting it. Sounds really impressive too, especially with the subwoofer. So I'm very happy with it, and will keep it. Even the stand's good, very easy instructions unlike all the other TV's.

I have a few questions about it

1) What is the model number of the speakers you can buy to make it proper pro logic? I know they're about £40.
2) I'm having a little trouble making my sky remote work properly. I set it up and it controls the volume and all that, but when I did the programming where you have to press TV guide, it didn't switch to it. So the sky manual said that I should press select and green and type the channel number I use to access it. Obviously I access sky on the AV channel, which you have to press 0 to get to. So I typed in 0, so everytime I press the Sky or TV guide button, I have to press it about 4 times to see it on screen. How do I fix this? I could just control volume etc with my JVC remote but it's easier with the sky remote.
3) What's the best picture mode to have on? Even if the broadcasts are 4:3, I hate watching them with half the TV screen. Autowide makes widescreen broadcasts fill the whole screen, but non widescreen broadcasts fill half the screen. 'Full' just stretches 4:3 broadcasts unnaturally. I think Panoramic's the best, as pictures look pretty good if they're meant to be 4:3. Does everyone else agree?

BTW, some people mentioned a dark RGB problem. I'm not sure if my model is a newer improved model released by JVC, but the picture is excellent and definitely not dark with an RGB cable in ext 1 (the only scart to accept RGB).

I appreciate any help!


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Originally posted by Weinberg
1) What is the model number of the speakers you can buy to make it proper pro logic? I know they're about £40.
2) I'm having a little trouble making my sky remote work properly.
3) What's the best picture mode to have on?
1. JVC SPR-100 ( silver only ) @ £39.99 per pair, possibly cheaper if you shop around, but if you have to order them specially from a JVC dealer, that's the correct price.
You may find a JVC dealer isn't too interested in taking your order if you bought the TV elsewhere, they can be a bit crabby these days. Actually the speakers are nothing unusual, any 4 or 8 ohm surround speakers will suffice.
2. Providing your SKY is connected by scart, you are probably expecting too much, it is fairly normal to require a couple of presses before TV responds to SKY remote that way.
3. I prefer to leave the TV in 4:3 picture mode, this way the pictures are displayed correctly, 4:3 pictures have the black borders either side, the TV automatically switches to widescreen when it should.
However, it's what you prefer that counts, that's why you have a choice. :)


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£49.99's a little much for 2 small speakers. Empire Direct do them for £28, anyone find them cheaper?

An auction for a set of JVC surround speakers I PM'd to you Gringott, was £11 but now £25 and going up. After all there are 5 speakers in the package and I'd only need 2, but £11 was a bit cheap!


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Apologies for delay responding.
The speakers on E-Bay are different to SPR-100, in comparison they have a smaller / lighter weight cabinet design and will sound a little harsh, having different drive units too.
To answer your question, yes, if you connected a pair of them to the terminals at the rear of your TV it would offer you proper Dolby Pro-Logic surround sound.
Personally, buy the SPR-100 from Empire. :cool:

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