JVC AV32 EK (erm I think) darkness issues - help please


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I have the above tv which will be retiring to the bedroom when the Samsung LE40 A656 arrives, but for a while now it's been plagued with an overly dark screen. Dark scenes are almost unwatchable.

Obviously I've altered all the settings , but to no avail - however, I've heard thereis a fix.




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Ha, fixed it.

Found another thread elsewhere on another forum and noticed a similar question for an old 27 incher.

The fix - I found 3 holes at the back of the set that with a thin terminal driver, you can adjust brightness, contrast and sharpness on a much larger scale and the remote controls just being a 'trim' if you like.



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Can't believe I've had this TV over 5 years and now I've tweaked it and got Sky HD running through it (well until the weekend anyway) the picture is better than any DVD I've ever watched on it.


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You do realise your watching it in SD and not HD?

Of course I do.

However, the HD pictures are still better than the SD pictures. Don't ask me why, but I'm sat in front of it now flicking channels and they definitely are.

It's going up to the bedroom on Saturday anyway and being replaced with a Samsung 40" 656


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Nickymarshal was making a statement about the TV and s/he hasn't paid more for it, has s/he?

It could be that the HD signal makes more information available than the previous SD source?

As an example, my DVD and my Freeview receiver are both SD, but the quality of viewing differs: between them; between DVDs I play; between Freeview stations I watch; and even between programs on the same channel.

EDIT: There is another similar claim, from a guy with track-record in AVForums (no offence meant or implied to nickymarshal, never-right or anyone): http://www.avforums.com/forums/dvd-...ia/843797-possible-record-hd.html#post7919697
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No worries all round - and it's 'he' by the way ;)

My main point was that after over 5 years of owning this TV and altering settings that I didn't even know were there, I now have a picture that is probably the best it's ever been.

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