JVC AV28R25 rear surround speaker ternminals can't get anything to come out!



I have the JVC AV28R25 with dolby pro logic. It has terminals for rear surround speakers on the back so i plugged some in but can't seem to get any meaningfull sound out. It says on the back for 8 Ohms. i've only tried 6 ohm speakers, is this the problem or am i forgeting something in the menu?

Thanx in advance


You need to go into the menu of the TV and switch them on.

If you go into the audio bit, you'll be given a number of choices between straight stereo out of the TV speakers, to a half way house using the rear terminals for Pro Logic, or a completely independent sound system.

Check your TV manual to see what the options are and I'm sure your speakers will burst into life - assuming there's a Pro Logic programme on at the time - most TV sound is in plain stereo apart from big movies and some football.

Videos will give ProLogic whilst most new releases on DVD give complete surround on Dolby 5.1, which can be added as a separate system

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