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    Hi. I bought the above TV just under 3 years ago from Comet.

    Recently the picture seems to have gone quite dark, I only use the TV to watch DVD's, I don't even have an ariel in it as I don't watch TV, so it's definatly not due to overuse. It's practically still new, when I put a film on, the light scenes in a film are fine but as soon as the scene goes a bit dark, you can't see any detail and that's the film ruined. I have tried the obvious picture settings but to no avail.

    It is definatly not my DVD player (Panasonic S75) as have tried it on other TV's and the same scenes in the same films (thought it best to make the test fair and try a nuber of different scenes) look great on them.

    I can't afford to go out and buy a new TV at £650 and would be really hacked off if I had to, given the fact that the set is in, or at least should be in, great condition.

    Any idea's? I don't really want to go to Comet or Dixons because I feel it is like taking your car into a main dealer if you catch my drift.... They could charge me £50 just to look at it and tell me the 'fluffle valve has exploded which melted the google-flex' and I would have a clue.

    :lease: help if you can.


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