JVC AV-32T25 "Streaking" problem


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I've had this TV for almost 2 years, but recently I've been noticing a streaking problem with bright objects on a dark screen. I'm pretty sure it wasn't there before as I was really happy with the picture. Now I have this streaking which is really annoying.
I have changed my DVD player but have connected up the old one and it is still present on this. It is also streaking through Sky Digital. I have it connected via RGB, and I've even tried changing the Scart leads with no sucess. I've also tried connecting up via S-video, again the streaking is still visible.
Could it be that something has "broken" inside the set?
I am unable to reduce the contrast via RGB on this set, so this is not an option.
Any ideas
:confused: :(


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Does the streaking also show on teletext? If it does and if it is one particular colour (usually red), then it would point to the tube. If not, it would point to possibly something in the tube drive or possibly EHT stage. It's one of those cases where a picture is worth a thousand words so get that digital camera snapping and post a pic if you have one.

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