JVC AV-32EX5B - Good value or avoid??


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I'm looking to replace my 13 year old 27" Sony with a new 32" widescreen set.

My basic requirements are a built in freeview receiver and a black screen surround. It will mainly be used for watching freeview, secondary use will be watching PAL DVDs and videos.

I had been considering the Panasonic TX32DTX11 and the Sony KD32DX51 but then I came across the JVC AV-32EX5B. It seems to have a great specification for the price (£410 on-line) and is hard to ignore for that reason.

Does any one here have one of these or have any general comments on this model? GaryB maybe? Is it cheap because its been superceded by the HV-32D40, or is it cheap because it has 'cheap' performance. Incidentally I use the word cheap as a relative term, my wife thinks £410 is bl**dy expensive!

I don't need the latest cutting edge set but I do want to improve on the picture quality of my old Sony trinitron 4:3.

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