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JVC 5000 or Sony 65


Novice Member
Hi all,

I had a JVC X3 until recently, it completely died on me with the flashing light issue, replacing the lamp didn't fix it so I've binned it. It was blowing lamps every three months driving me insane.

I've been looking briefly at replacing it and the Sony 65 seems a good bet, but then I read the reviews telling me the 5000R has the best image quality. Do the new JVC's still have these lamp issues and should I run a mile?

Budget of £4k max but would prefer to spend less! I watch in a room with white walls, but I only watch in the dark at night. Screen is 120" and PJ is 3.5m back from the screen. Only use it for films.


Peter Parker

Distinguished Member
Were they genuine JVC lamps or generic replacements? There are known issues with non genuine lamps which can damage the ballast board, and that will need replacing. Have you really thrown the pj away?

I've only seen the 5000 and it was very good for the price - marginally bettered by the laser Epson IMHO. The Sony is over a £1000 cheaper, so I'd try and get a demo to see if the JVC is worth the extra. The new 5000 is brighter than the outgoing 500 so that may or may not be a benefit fr you.



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Cheers. Had a saga with the X3, I took it apart and gave the ballast board to an engineer friend of mine who then disappeared off the face of the earth. The ballast board didn't appear to be the issue in this case as I tested it with my limited electronics knowledge before giving it to him. Now I'm stuck with an X3 in bits minus a ballast board.. Anyway I'm over it now I've had the thing for years and last two years it had been collecting dust as it had stopped working. I always bought my lamps from the supplier I bought the X3 from so they were genuine JVC. Are there any reports of lamp/ballast issues with the newer projectors from JVC?

Peter Parker

Distinguished Member
That's disappointing to hear.

I got the impression that any non genuine lamp could cause ballast board problems in the JVCs, and increase the fault rate in that component.



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The new JVC range seem to be considered better value than the competition at the moment; though not sure if you need/want the extras they provide e.g. Brighter, UHD compliance so more future proof etc. Especially with your white wall environment. Best to demo both as no point buying features you dont need or want.

The new JVC range have entirely new bulbs. My X3 is still running fine with very regular use (coming up 5 years old). I had 2 iffy bulbs at the start but the latest one has lasted really well (almost 1000 hours so far).

When I upgrade I plan on sticking with JVC.

It might be worth considering sending the X3 to Sontec for repair and new ballast board and then selling it on for a profit towards an upgrade? Seems a big shame to bin it!


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My X3 is in bits, think they would laugh me away.. ;) I have some serious hate of this projector. It went through 4 bulbs in 18 months, one of them lasted 60 hours. Best 180. I really should just cover it in petrol and ritualistically sacrifice it to the JVC gods.. Especially if I'm going to buy another one of the things... lol

When the X3 worked the image was brilliant, had no complaints about it so maybe the extra push of the new one would be even better in my white room.

Blacks I guess are the most important thing to me, and from what I hear the JVC has it all over the Sony in this respect? UHD is also a nice thing to have if the bulbs last..

Member 518284

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the last generation of JVC projectors seem to be extremely reliable when it comes the lamp life as they changed the lamp and driver technology

this new generation is still obviously very new but once again JVC have upped the anti with a new lamp so hopefully the lamp issue is long gone and in the dim (pardon the pun lol) and distant past

the X5000 I think is amazing value and there is nothing to touch it at its price point

on another note genuine JVC lamps are guaranteed for 1 year or 1000 hours so why you had 4 in 18 months is clearly not how it works, are you sure they were genuine lamps?
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Standard Member
Forget about the Sony
I have a HW30ES since 2012, running for only 600 hours, the lamp is OK, but the brightness and colour had gone down the drain and cannot be calibrated, my friend said it look like 1st gen of LCD panel
Sony quoted GBP2,000 to change the optical block!!
If the optical block life cannot last longer than the lamp life, Sony should just quote the projector life as 600 hours!!!

Bought a JVC X5000 2 weeks back, and hopefully it will at least last me for another 5-7 years


Novice Member
Well gone an ordered an Epson LS10000 from IdealAV. I'm sure it's not going to be as good as the JVC in terms of blacks but I have to say I'll be looking forward to the image quality staying stable for quite a while!

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