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May 25, 2002
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Anyone any experience of the JVC HV-36P38SJE ???

I've found a good deal on it at my local hughes and was wondering if anyone has any opinions, good or bad?

It DOES have component in which is nice :)

It's the big brother of my HV32P37.

Although I'm having my set swapped out this week because of a geometry problem that I've not been able to cure through the service menus, I'd recommend the current JVC DIST sets without hesitation.

The picture is gobsmacking on DVD and good quality DTV input - like any TV, crappy low-bitrate channels don't look good.

Like any other quality TV, you will need to spend some time getting it set up. Thankfully the 3 picture modes are user-customisable - I'm currently using slightly different settings for DVD via component than I amfor my Xbox, DTT box & VCR via SCART.
Code Thief,
I have that TV and in general I'm very happy with it.
Like any other CRT it has its + and its - points. Depending on what you watch most it can be a fantastic choice or a so-so one.
If you mainly watch DVD or have a HCPC go get it right now as its one of the very best (if not the best), but if you watch lots of broadcast, analogue or digital, I'd check it personally first, it is not kind on low quality sources and other tellys may give you better results.
If you have further questions don't hesitate to ask.
Thanks for the replies people.

As good as this TV sounds, we've decided that 36" is prolly overkill in our living room.

I've decided on the Toshiba 32ZP38 instead :)


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