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jvc 350, reds and green adjustment ?


Active Member
Hi Guys,
Due to domestic circumstances it's taken me a long time to get my jvc350 up and running, Although generally fab I have noticed a tendancy for over saturated greens and reds on some blu rays. I have had the projector in default mode, having been to scared to delve any further. So would be happy for any advice for the best or easiest place to start to try and correct this imbalance. The AV forum review seems to say it is impossible to overcome ?


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As an ex HD350 owner, I can confirm that I tried various solutions to this issue:

1. Turn down the colour and tint controls: Subjectively it seems to help, but in fact it reduces the colour luminance rather than saturation doing this, so it's actually less accurate doing this. Doesn't cost anything to try however.

2. A secondhand Lumagen HDP or HDQ which (with the latest firmware) can at least provide some mitigation using a very basic CMS feature. You will need a meter and software to do this however and it still will measure above 3dE errors, so still not accurate, though subjectively is a worth while improvement.

3. Either a DVDO Duo or Lumagen Mini3D (I have the later) which will be able to fully correct the colour gamut (and get the greyscale & gamma accurate with much less hassle than the built in JVC controls). Again a meter and software is required, but there is the option for an automatic calibration using these processors and either Chromapure or Calman software.

4. Replace it with the newer X series models since they have a more accurate mode out of the box. My X35 in 'standard' colour space was more accurate by far than either option 1 or 2 above. In fact most of the colour gamut was within 3dE at 75% so for all but the most exacting owners this would be 'good enough'.

On the bright side, you've probably paid a fraction of what I paid when I bought my HD350 4 years ago and it's still got a cracking black level. :thumbsup:


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Thanks kelvin,
Wow that is a comprehensive list of things to do, most of which seem a tad beyond my pay grade. I must admit my main passion is analogue audio, but now with a decent AV system I can't stop buying blu rays.Think i'll have to save up for that next generation bargain, must admit it was the black levels that originally did it for me. I can almost suffer the oversaturation. Looks like I will have a reason for upgrading when I can get my finances in order,
Thanks again for your brilliant reply.


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Glad to be of help, but try item 1 since many owners were quite happy with just dropping the colour and tint down a few clicks.

We never really need much excuse to upgrade though. :devil::D

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