JVC 32P37, Horizontal lines ???????



I have had one of these sets for a few days now, and I have noticed that when using RGB I am getting horizontal lines moving on the screen. They are fairy faint but very noticable when the room is dark.

Called an engineer out and Comet have agreed to swap it for a new one (very impressed with Comets service !).

Anybody else have the same problem, hopefully the second set wont do it.

Apart from this problem its a great TV very impressed.

Why does RGB seem to cause so many problems with so many TV's.


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I have this problem aswell and the way i get around it is to use
s-video instead of rgb and the horizontal lines go away.Dont think changeing the tv will help i think its a design fault seems most new tvs suffer from sim problems.


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Strange - I didn't have this problem on any of the HV32P37's I had, and I was using Freeview & X-Box via RGB


My old 28" Sony widescreen did this too. Upgrading to a better quality SCART reduced the effect but didn't erradicate it!
Welcome to the world of RGB!
Roll on Digital Standard connections! No more interference!
One last thing! Keep A/V leads and mains leads as far apart as possible!!!! Mains affects A/V more than you think!


I dont want to use S-Video, RGB is better. If the TV is faulty then I will exchange it. If the new one does the same thing then I will exchange it again.

I do not accept that the entire JVC range of 100 HZ TV's cant accept RGB, that would be ridiculous. RGB is the most common type of connection.

I know that RGB seems to cause the most amount of problems on dodgy sets, but surely its just the odd few crap ones that come out of the factory.

I will never give up !!!!!.


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Hi jerkyboy,

Yep, I know what you mean. I tried this set as well and I also had the lines. I only saw them when there was movement on the screen. I also asked on this forum at the time but got no response so I had to assume that not a lot of people had the set ,or it was only mine. The other fault I had was my Humax satellite receiver had horrible flashing red, green and blue patched all over the screen when in RGB mode. In the end I sent the set back. I think if you get another one from comet you are more than likely to have the same problem.

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