JVC 28T25 - Help darkness issue - RGB / S-Vid help??

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Lester's Cloud, Aug 18, 2002.

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    After reading all the mags and this forum I recently bought this JVC 28T25 (from empiredirect - who were amazingly fast!)

    The TV as everyone has said is great - very happy - generally.....

    It is dark on some TV / DVD scenes (none of the mags mentioned this what so ever I noticed.......)

    Anyway, some people have recomended using s-video instead of RGB to improve this "darkness".

    I have a Pioneer DVD and have this connected to the TV with a good quality scart. If I swith the DVD output from RGB to S-video all the colour goes from the picture! The scart is in one of the s-vid scarts on the JVC TV when I try this..........

    The ITVdigital box I have (I know, I know....) only has the option for RGB out or composite out puts......

    So, please, any assitance on how to use this s-vid route to improve this darkness issue, or any other tips. As one other poster mentioned the brightness and contrast settings can help, but push them too far and the picture quality comes right down....

    For anyone thinking of the JVC it would be an amazing TV if this darkness problem can be sorted, as it is for DVDs (especially watching at night in a dark room) it is fantastic......

    Thanks in advance,

    Lester's Cloud
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    Jul 8, 2002
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    Have you set the Scart socket to S-Video, goto the EXT-Settings select the scart using S-Video (must be 2 or 3) and press yellow. If you do not do this the picture will come out in black and white.

    I think these are the correct instructions (not near TV at moment), if not check the manual.

    I have this TV and am happy with RGB output, but I guess my old TV may have had dark RGB to and I am used to it. The main difference when using S-Video is that you can adjust the picture contrast, which you cannot do on RGB.

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