JVC 28P37 NTSC Prog Scan Issues?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Barzo, Nov 10, 2004.

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    I am having an issue with prog scan from 575A Pioneer DVD player. The issue arises, not with PAL prog scan, but NTSC prog scan. In PAL prog scan, I can see a difference - less 'jaggies', and colour registration, while not as brilliant, is more realistic. In NTSC prog scan, however, everything is fine for a few minutes, but then there is a stepping effect, which works its way down the screen - best way to describe it is that the effected part of the image moves sideways a little, so that someone's forehead, for example, might appear out of alignment with the rest of their body. It disappears after a few minutes, but reappears after a while. This happens with all NTSC discs - whether R1, R3 or R0. In interlace mode, NTSC pics are fine.

    I wonder if the TV is at fault, or whether it is the player. I had suspected that the TV was 'at fault' (having read a lot of material here and elsewhere about incompataibilities, and the exclusion clauses in the various manufacturers manuals), but having read issues with the 575 in the DVD forum, I now wonder. Anyone else having similar problems with this TV and NTSC prog scan? Or am I misreading the manual, and is NTSC prog scan not possible with this TV?

    Plus, while I'm on the issue, is it normal to loose the 'Auto' options for Digital VNR and SuperDigi Pure when in prog scan (EXT 4) or RGB modes (EXT 1 or 2) (options are 'Min' and 'Max' for both, with the addition of 'Off' for SuperDigi Pure)? I had assumed this was ok, even though it was not mentioned in the manual, but thought I had better check.

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