JVC 28" any good?



Can anyone give me their opions on JVC 28"
Looking for a set with 3 scarts so JVC is looking best at the moment.:lease:


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Some of the very basic JVCs I believe are now made in Turkey by Vestel. They have made more effort than other companies restyling them to look more like JVCs but are basically the same sort of sets as Bush or Goodmans. Vestel aren't bad sets though but geniune JVCs will be better obviously. The give away signs are obviously 'made in turkey' or turkish writing on the case at the back moulded into the plastic.

This JVC model is a vestel;



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The AV-28GT1 is the only JVC model made by Vestel. All of the others are made at the JVC factory in East Kilbride.


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Vestel also sell just the chassis for final assembly. 2x10 watt sound output is a good indication of a vestel chassis. I suspect all the JVC sets at the bottom end that don't have any specific JVC features are based on vestel chassis's.


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Do you work at the JVC factory or something? Come on if you've got inside information etc how about spilling it on these AV forums? Are JVC unhappy with Vestel sets and won't be using them again for future budget models?

What about the poritable tvs that were JVC branded but vestel made in the past?

Vestel actually list JVC as their second major oem supplier too after Hitachi.

Here's some guff from Vestel from 2002/3 and they've since taken a far larger market share.

Vestel Foreign Trade was established in 1986 to promote export of the Group’s products. Namely, colour televisions, analogue and digital receivers, Plasma TVs, TFT-LCD TVs, refrigerators, and air conditioners.

The professionalism of the marketing and sales organisation, and the aggressive approach of the marketing and sales team in international markets have been fundamental to the Group’s rapid export growth.

Today, Vestel is the export leader of Turkey with over 1 billion US dollars of export revenues, and sales in 110 countries.

Vestel Foreign Trade realises 57% of Turkey’s exports in TV sets with over 6 million units, and represents 15% of the European TV market.

In the last two years, Vestel Foreign Trade signed under great accomplishments by entering OEM manufacturing agreements with giants of the consumer electronics, and white goods industry. Among these companies are Hitachi, JVC, Toshiba, Hotpoint (GDA), and GE.

The essential element of Vestel Foreign Trade’s marketing strategy is to supply good quality products at internationally competitive prices, payment terms and delivery terms. Vestel strives to meet or exceed the specifications of its customers and to anticipate future developments in consumer electronics, digital technologies, and white goods through close and constant observation of its key export markets.

In 2003, the objective of Vestel Foreign Trade is to increase its export revenues to US$1.5 billion. In the next five years, the company aims at being one of the critical players in digital technologies and at reaching US$ 10 billion in terms of export revenues.


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I live near St Albans so I would have a long drive to work if I worked at the factory, but I do have JVC connections. Vestel is used just for the basic model simply because these can't be produced in this country for a reasonable price. It's a decent set and is going to be used in the future but, as with all things in life, you get what you pay for and the slightly more expensive sets such as the T25 and newer T4 are certainly worth the extra. The T4 and R4 in particular are excellent sets. The reason that JVC are such a large customer of Vestel is that in Europe they supply many of the 4:3 sets which are still very popular in Europe but aren't sold in the UK due to the popularity of widescreen sets here.

The old portables used an Onwa chassis, not Vestel by the way.


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Ok fair enough, thanks for the info. I'd assumed the portables were vestel as a Matsui set had identical internals and at the time many of the Matsui sets were vestel made but obviously not in this case.

One last question do JVC manufacture all the chassis's they use on site? Its just I noticed some of the models have the standard vestel style 2x10 watt sound output and the remotes look similar to one or two of the vestel designs. What tubes do JVC normally use?


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The chassis used in all other sets apart from the GT1 are JVC designs. Most are produced at the Scotland factory but a small amount of insertion may be subcontracted during busy periods if the factory can't handle the numbers. The factory do all the final assembly. The 10 Watt output is purely coincidental. Most people who want decent sound these days get a small all-in-one home cinema system so a large audio output isn't as important as it once was.

Tubes come from several manufacturers, depending on the set. Phllips (tube production now owned by LG) are probably the largest but Toshiba and others are used in the upmarket sets.


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Do the AV-32T25 & AV-32T4B use Philps tubes?

BTW, does anyone know if the front AV-in on the AV-32T4B is S-video or composite?

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