JVC 26" LCD Wall Mount


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Does anyone know where I'd get a cheap wall bracket for this newly aquired beast? By cheap I mean sub £50.


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I havent seen anything that cheap.
Unfortunatly this TV is quite heavy and will need something of substance.
The options I have found so far (Unicol, JVC and Vogels) are all 150 - 250 pounds.

The vogels EFW-1001 will support 15KG (5KG too little) but only costs 69.99


Unicol (www.unicol.com) might be a better option;
Apparently OK to 30KG
Basic LCD Wall Mount for VESA 75 & 100mm standard. *State VESA Size when ordering.

Order code: TWF175
Price Ex VAT: £45.20


Basic LCD Wall Mount for non-VESA standard LCD panels.
*Please state make & model of LCD when ordering.

Order code: CWF
Price Ex VAT: £81.30 (Price can vary depending on make & model of screen)

Question is, is the JVC VESA compatible ?? I will check.

Also, what settings do you find best ??


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I don't think that those chaps at JVC know what there talking about! Indeed the holes are 120mm across x180mm....


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I think someone at JVC got their wires crossed. The 17" & forthcoming 23" are VESA, the 26" & 32" are not.
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