Just when you think youve found the one...they bring out a HDMI version

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    (Standard press release if you search for RD-XS53)

    The highlight of the new recorder line-up is the RD-XS53 (October 2004, $699.99). This model features a 160GB hard disc drive, providing over 275 hours of digital recording time. The unit allows users to record and playback their favorite TV shows as well as compiling personal movie libraries for archiving and preserving family videos. The RD-XS53 is one of the first DVD recorder models to incorporate High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) with upconversion capability to 720p or 1080i. This model provides the highest quality interface available today between a DVD player and a compatible HD television. The single cable connection ensures that all the signals remain in their pure digital form. The RD-XS53 also provides users with an easy-to-navigate TV Guide On Screen(TM) Interactive Program Guide. This simple to use guide provides television programming information for up to 8 days.

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